Murray Zoch Memorial Post Shoot

Team registration on the day.

Entry is $20.00 per person, and will include entry for one event, lunch & one can of soft drink – additional drinks, and lunch tickets, will be available for purchase at $10.00 each.

Entrants will be made up of teams, of three shooters per team.
The same Team can only shoot once in each category.

A Team that introduces at least one change (i.e. one new member) will be regarded as a new team, and may compete again in any category.

Each single competitor may only compete a total of five times on the day. Each additional entry will incur another $5.00 entry fee

A team may have “one non SSAA member” shoot with them as a guest.

There will be 6 Categories of events Shot:
(1) .22 Pistols and/or rifles, or a mix of both.
(2) The Women’s Team category, will be run in conjunction with the .22 calibre class of firearms.
(3) Open Pistol
(3) ) Military Rifles.
(4) Leaver Action Rifles
(5) The MZM Open: Open to any calibre of rifle, shot gun, and/or handgun.

All shooting will be off a bench and from under a barricade.
This is a timed event, and the post must be cut completely through, and hit the ground to stop the clock – fastest times wins.
Targets will be wood  posts/planks, at a distance of 15 meters for all Pistols, and 25 meters for CF Longarms.