Murray Zoch Memorial Post Shoot

Team registration on the day.

Entry is $20.00 per person, and will include entry for one event, lunch & one can of soft drink – additional drinks, and lunch tickets, will be available for purchase at $10.00 each.

Entrants will be made up of teams, of three shooters per team.
The same Team can only shoot once in each category.

A Team that introduces at least one change (i.e. one new member) will be regarded as a new team, and may compete again in any category.

Each single competitor may only compete a total of five times on the day. Each additional entry will incur another $5.00 entry fee

A team may have “one non SSAA member” shoot with them as a guest.

There will be 6 Categories of events Shot:
(1) .22 Pistols and/or rifles, or a mix of both.
(2) The Women’s Team category, will be run in conjunction with the .22 calibre class of firearms.
(3) Open Pistol
(3) ) Military Rifles.
(4) Leaver Action Rifles
(5) The MZM Open: Open to any calibre of rifle, shot gun, and/or handgun.

All shooting will be off a bench and from under a barricade.
This is a timed event, and the post must be cut completely through, and hit the ground to stop the clock – fastest times wins.
Targets will be wood  posts/planks, at a distance of 15 meters for all Pistols, and 25 meters for CF Longarms.

LRSC FCSA 1000yd Aussie Titles

Since 2017 The Long Range Shooting Club with the support of the Warracknabeal Rifle Club have been hosting the FCSA 1000yd Australian Titles. Please check out the Long Range Shooting Club – Mildura website and facebook for more information.

Burris Cold Steel Open

Mildura is where it all started, The SSAA Mildura shooting complex has been hosting the Burris Cold Steel Open for 4 years.

Never been to a Precision Rifle Series match before? Here is what to expect!

These 2 day competitions are hand crafted by the match director to be a combination of challenging, exciting and dynamics shooting stages. Anywhere from 16-20+ different stages are run over the 2 days, ranging from 30 seconds all the way up to 5 minutes per stage. The variety both in an individual match and across the various competitions means PRS matches will reward the most versatile shooters.

At the end of the day though, these weekends away are a lot of fun. From the practice session and side match(s) on the Friday, to the social events of the Sunday Presentations and the Saturday Night Banquet, this is more than just a shooting event.

Spend 3 days shooting with some of the best in the country, making new friends and catching up with old ones. The PRS matches are an event worth getting along to!