Mildura Sporting Rifle Club

The Sporting Rifle Club started shooting regularly under the banner of the SSAA Mildura branch shooting Field Rifle and Scoped Three Position. After some time a shelter was supplied by Sunraysia Roofing wide enough for two shooters.
Next, targets were set up at 100, 200 & 300 metres.
In 1991 interested Sporting Rifle shooting members formed the SSAA Mildura Sporting Rifle Club.
The Sporting Rifle Club started shooting on the first Sunday of the month and the third Saturday this was later changed to the present format of the second Saturday and fourth Sunday.With the first permanent cover over the faring line on the 300 metre range and benches donated by members, we started shooting Benchrest as well as Field Rifle and Scoped Three Position using portable 50 metre targets then progressing on to 8 fold down targets at 50 metres.
The competitions then included Benchrest (Group size) after some problems we went to Hunters Class Benchrest and Rim-fire Metallic Silhouette.
In 1994 after the 600 meter range was built and the 100 and 300 metre mounds were brought up to the latest standards the fold down targets were put in at 500 metres, the Firing line cover was extended over the full width of the 180 metre firing line. Centre-fire Metallic Silhouette targets and with six more 50 metre benches donated, we started shooting the 500 metre Fly Shoot.
In 2003 eight 20 metre removable target frames were put in place and 20 metre Benchrest competition was started.
In 2008 six removable targets were set up at 90 metres to allow for regular 90 metre competition at this distance.
Members are regularly travelling to competitions in Victoria, ACT, South Australia and New South Wales.